Trained Related Quotes

We are in a situation with the huge stimulus package that's going to be spent all across this nation and a big financial crisis and banking crisis. And what we need is good, trained journalists who can play the role of watchdog.

Walter Isaacson

“Once I got to the OTC they knew more about the physical aspects of shooting, and knew which muscles were more important to have trained and geared us a program around that.”

Nancy Johnson

We all [on Aladdin] have a passion to perform and a lot of us trained to do this and there's a certain gratification from knowing that you did your best work and knowing that you are at the level that you are at.

Adam Jacobs

Actors have given up their clout. Now decision making is in the hands of lighting men, designers, bankers, special-effects people. We need to cut that out and just go with the most able trained actors in the business.

Peter O'toole

“I was an accidental actor. I was never formally trained.”

David Soul

We've been trained to squint into a legal microscope, hoping that we can judge any dispute against the standard of a perfect society, where everyone will agree what's fair, and where accidents will be extinct, risk will be no more.

Philip K. Howard

The reason we have to regulate . . . church schools is that . . . children that are not trained in state-controlled schools will not fit in.

Peter Hoagland

Art is like an ill-trained Labrador retriever that drags you out into traffic.

Annie Dillard

What if one of her father's soldiers panicked and fired for no reason? Though pilots were carefully trained, mistakes happened and she didn't want to be included in a statistics report under "uh-oh, my bad."' (Kiara)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

All of world's eyes are trained on the Games. So winning at that stage is heroic. It is a different feeling altogether and cannot be explained in words.

Gagan Narang