Transient Related Quotes

God's truth is too sacred to be expounded to superficial worldliness in its transient fit of earnestness.

Frederick William Robertson

Hoyle's enduring insights into stars, nucleosynthesis, and the large-scale universe rank among the greatest achievements of 20th-century astrophysics. Moreover, his theories were unfailingly stimulating, even when they proved transient.

Fred Hoyle

Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think theyâ??re finished. The person you are right now is as transient, as fleeting and as temporary as all the people youâ??re ever been. The one constant in our lives is change.

Daniel Gilbert

The directions for meditation that Sri Krishna gives are very exacting. He tells Arjuna exactly how to get past all the things that cause suffering and transient pleasure to something that is perpetual ecstasy. His directions are that exact.

Frederick Lenz

There is something uniquely American about the motel: It speaks to the transient nature of America itself, one enabled and encouraged by our roads and highways.

Hanya Yanagihara

“To our knowledge, this analysis is the first to assess both the transient and long-term risk of sudden cardiac death associated with physical activity among women.”

Christine Albert

The only quality that endures in art is a personal vision of the world. Methods are transient: personality is enduring.

Edward Hopper

God is the ultimate source of all power. All human power is therefore derived, limited, unstable and transient.

Os Guinness

I am really OK with the way I look. It's fine. All this is transient. I mean, it's really, you know, it changes with time, and that's the external.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“We serve the surrounding neighborhoods, and many are transient and come from low-income families. These are the students we aim to serve, and we don't turn them away. We're here to help them.”

Colleen Kennedy