Transparency Related Quotes

The difference between both is that social entrepreneurship has a much more financial transparency. There is no financial viability and that is where a corporate sector makes a difference because we maintain a balance between both the financial status and the social service.

Ramon Magsaysay

“In today's market, everyone is a Fed-watcher. Hopefully we will not lose any transparency and will lose some of the volatility.”

Christopher Low

Transparency painted in a picture produces its effect in a different way than opaqueness.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

[X-ray's] accidental discovery in the late 1800s fits seamlessly into modernity's fascination with, and belief in, the power of technological transparency: the desire to domesticate time (cinema), to preserve and capture the surface of the fleeting (photography), to see inside (x-ray).

Walead Beshty

“With the Internet world, we can have people make both sides of the (lending) market, bringing more transparency and efficiency. It can be both more capitalistically efficient and socially beneficial.”

Chris Larsen

“All U.S. and international firms operating in China face the same dilemma of complying with laws that lack transparency and that can have disturbing consequences inconsistent with our own beliefs.”

Mary Osako

More than its utilitarian and technocratic transparency, it is the opaque ambivalence of its oddities that makes the city livable.

Michel De Certeau

“was a hoax. I don't believe we could have such centers given the level of transparency. It would be impossible to keep a thing like this secret. You could have one or two people but not a large number. It is extremely unlikely.”

Janusz Onyszkiewicz

Issues such as transparency often boil down to which side of - pick a number - 40 you're on. Under 40, and transparency is generally considered a good thing for society. Over 40, and one generally chooses privacy over transparency. On every side of this issue, hypocrisy abounds.

Graydon Carter

“I want to commend it as an epoch-making move for the BOJ that would bring transparency to its policy.”

Kozo Yamamoto