Tremendous Related Quotes

“He just has been a tremendous blessing in the program. He's had some rough patches between injury and being behind Valenti. He got his opportunity this year and to make it into the Sweet Sixteen is something he can be very proud of.”

Zeke Jones

“Rehabilitating this facility is a great investment for us -- the facility itself is of tremendous value to TransPORT and the region, and a great location for our first port development -- it puts us in a whole new ball game.”

Dan Silverthorn

“The whole teams' development last year to this year has been tremendous. They played bigger than their size. They made tremendous progress. The future looks bright. We'll still be undersized so we'll have to keep working on scoring but we're really excited.”

Dick Heller

“More than anything, I'm impressed with Rayfield. He's a tremendous player. Not only is he a great shooter, I think he relishes the big shots. He likes to take them and he likes to be a factor in big games.”

Dennis Ruedinger

“What a tremendous basketball game. Maybe not a lot of scoring, but a lot of heart and effort. That's one of the most physical games we've ever played in here. Our guys showed a lot of grit and determination, and really executed well in overtime.”

Chris Lowery

“To me, it's a tremendous honor to be part of Miner Magic. And this group of seniors, I'm going to miss them a great deal. I'm looking forward to following them into the next phases of their lives as they go on to take on the world.”

Dave Humphers

“This project will be a tremendous asset to our community. As experiences with similar facilities have shown, the ILC could generate more than 8,000 jobs in Winter Haven and Polk County as companies establish nearby warehousing, manufacturing and logistics operations.”

David Greene

“Our team did a tremendous job of fighting back from behind * this team is on a mission. We showed a lot of composure and tremendous commitment tonight. Our bench showing the amount of depth we had is very promising as we go into SEC play.”

Carolyn Peck

“I'm very satisfied. It was a tremendous season. I have no regrets. I don't want anything that happened in the Tournament of Champions to overshadow the fact we won three straight state championships.”

Paul Wiedeman

“I have to say there is going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on my staff just to do the accounting.”

Robert Morales