Tremendous Related Quotes

“Great job, wow. I think McCarthy was the star of the game. He did a tremendous job. He saved my bullpen. That's one of the reasons we brought this kid. We know he can pitch at this level. We have to be careful with how we use him, but he threw the ball extremely well.”

Ozzie Guillen

“I'll never forget when I realized there was this connection -- it was tremendous to know something that no one else on the planet knew,”

Carolyn Porco

“We've had a tremendous amount of flooding activity. Most of our storm channels and drainage culverts are near crest.”

Scott Brown

“He has tremendous footwork. He has been called for walking about two times this year and we watched it on tape and neither one of them were walks. He has great fundamentals of keeping his foot down and then he is a powerful youngster.”

Roy Williams

“Haley in the open court is the best player in the state. She's just a tremendous athlete.”

Deb Bennett

“The nine-game winning streak is tremendous. But we're concerned about taking it day-by-day, and just trying to keep winning hockey games.”

Cam Ward

“Tyler is a mobile, skilled forward with great size who is still growing. He had a tremendous senior season as a 17-year old. I believe he can continue to grow with our program and help us continue to move forward.”

Ron Jirsa

“It's a tremendous blow. He's our team leader. He's thrown some interceptions and made some bad plays, but he's a leader on this team. He was beginning to pick things up and do things right.”

James Webster

“I was surprised, yeah. I don't know their cap situation and all those considerations, but he made a tremendous contribution to them at a very definable position. You either make (the kick) or you don't. It's not like analyzing a tackle, where you say he didn't move his feet quickly, or slide properly. A kicker is easy to measure and he made all the important kicks, plus the clutch ones as well.”

Marv Levy

“They might do photosynthesis in the ultraviolet as opposed to the visual spectrum. It's a tremendous amount of energy if you can make use of it instead of being killed by it. It's unusual, but natural selection makes the best out of adversity.”

David Grinspoon