Tremendous Related Quotes

“We are inspired by the tremendous response to the Starbucks brand domestically and internationally and could not be more pleased with the overall performance of the company.”

Howard Schultz

“We had hoped the hearings would be finished by the end of the year. However, we have tremendous confidence in Sen. Specter, who handled Chief Justice Roberts' confirmation process so well. We are encouraged by the bipartisan momentum that has set the vote on the Senate floor for January 20th.”

Dana Perino

“Without question, Mayor Kilpatrick and Oakland County Executive Patterson personify the tremendous opportunities and challenges this region faces in the areas of economic development, regionalism and our ongoing struggles with race relations. We look forward to constructive dialogue on these issues that are critical to the region's progress.”

Sam Logan

“We've got a tremendous opportunity here to do not only what is right for the environment, but what is right, economically, for the city of St. Paul, ... It's important that we have true leadership to do what we have to do to keep this plant open.”

Chris Coleman

“You had tremendous output by the chip companies in the second quarter. During the third quarter you had some concerns about capacity issues and shortages of certain components, ... We're getting a better sense that they're dealing with the issues and that perhaps the supply shortages won't be as difficult as people initially thought.”

Kevin Caron

“(The offensive line) did a tremendous job week in and week out. Our offensive line stepped up and played big.”

Deangelo Williams

“Saskatchewan has a very good program and they have a tremendous team this year. They have nine tremendous forwards and two very good goalies, so it'll be a good test for us.”

Eric Thurston

“I know it's a cliché you hear a lot, but this team is really a family. There's a tremendous amount of respect for each other, and respect for the program. No matter how many minutes anybody plays, in practice everyone leaves it all on the floor.”

Zack Stevenson

“He knows how to win, is a tremendous competitor and a good leader on the floor. Players seem to rally around him.”

Roy Schmidt

“There is a tremendous need for crops that really can tolerate drought in a way that they don't lose yield. We are talking about leap-frog technology in drought tolerance.”

Hans Kast