Trends Related Quotes

“More teens are using marijuana at earlier ages, ... We really need to stop these trends.”

Richard Carmona

“Both of these names remain less exposed to some of the adverse trends within the industry.”

Frederick Searby

“We continue to believe the company's assumptions appear to be somewhat aggressive given the recent softening in demand trends and the weak orders in the quarter.”

Rick Murray

“Dell's forecast paints an ugly picture of current trends and calls into question the credibility of a seasonally better [third quarter] that others have forecast.”

Dan Niles

“Short term price trends will continue to largely depend on gold.”

Yingxi Yu

“We did not see evidence of any adverse effects of a low-fat diet, and we see some trends toward health benefits, especially for breast cancer. So, we think that women who are currently on a low-fat diet can confidently continue on such a diet.”

Dr. Ross Prentice

“The upside is broad-based and due to a combination of better fiber unit and pricing trends, excellent momentum in the photonics business, surging demand for liquid crystal display glass, and better gross margins.”

Steven Fox

“It's a good idea to combine data so you can see broader trends. You can see what different companies are doing rather than look at just one company.”

David Delahanty

“If you are a savvy investor interested in a good return, you need to pay attention to ecological trends and how they affect the bottom line.”

Carsten Henningsen

“The bigger trends look like they're improving (at Nortel). And now you've got a guy coming in here who's got a reputation for dramatically improving the cost structure and the performance of companies. Motorola's a vastly more complicated entity than Nortel and he did a great job for them.”

Edward Snyder