Truly Related Quotes

“They're both doing a fantastic job of dealing with a truly impossible situation,”

Mike Huckabee

“I plan to truly give all students a voice.”

Chris Hudson

“What do you despise? By this are you truly known”

Frank Herbert

“We can do something truly exceptional ... something that demands a new standard of imagination and ambition.”

Daniel Doctoroff

“This will be the first year when flat-panel truly becomes accessible to a broad customer group.”

Darren Jackson

“It's a truly historic event. There's a need for North Carolina to have in the 21st century a true Mecca port. It takes a piece of property of this size to achieve that.”

Carl Stewart

“The data is truly superb, but we can't get distracted by the stock surging up or down. Drug development is a long, tortuous path, and if you lose your focus you get lost in the woods.”

Vijay Samant

“This truly is a remarkable achievement by our employees and contractors whose execution of this project was second to none. This team not only expanded the capacity of the spar, but kept the project in line with budget and persevered through two massive hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico to safely install the Constitution spar on schedule.”

Dave Hager

“[If the PS3 (set for release in spring 2006) is truly more powerful than this machine, as has been rumored, well, playing games on that unit will be like controlling your friends in the backyard.] The biggest and the best names in publishing are committed to the success of Xbox 360, and looking at the titles we have announced, we are very excited, ... The high-definition era of gaming starts now.”

Peter Moore

“For most families, I would say truly that is where their loved one died and that's where their loved one remains.”

Mary Fetchet