Turn Related Quotes

“Any points are good points. It's when we come away with nothing that's more disappointing. But we'll turn those threes into sevens and turn things around in a positive way. It's nothing we're dwelling on. But it's something we have to get turned around and fix as we move on with the season.”

Charlie Adams

When justice has spoken, humanity must have its turn.

Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud

When men are arrived at the goal, they should not turn back.


A little glitter can turn your whole day around.

Barbara Park

I'm at the stage in my life that real-estate apps turn me on.

Dani Levy

“You could see the stock reverse itself if there's a turn-down there, because there could be a strike there very quickly,”

Ray Neidl

I know the Lord is anxious to respond to us if we will only turn to him.

Dwan J. Young

“Canon White. People turn to religion when they are desperate.”

Canon White

People turn to violence, because they have no other avenue left.

Robert Fisk

Engineers turn dreams into reality.

Hayao Miyazaki