Turned Related Quotes

“He was falling around, when Mike turned over to his side. The kid came back up, but Mike quickly put him back on his back.”

Rob Hermann

“Chris said Tony turned to him and said, 'What year were you born?' And he said '1923', so Tony said, 'You know what, I've got a 1923 model T Ford somewhere and I'll give it to you, if I can find it.”

Donald Davidson

“We have not turned down anything, and that's just it, ... Almost everybody that has asked for a proclamation is getting a proclamation, and it's getting out of hand.”

Frank Bruno

“The EU report speaks for itself. The statement in my view shows that the mission has turned out to be something worse than a farce, ... We shall in the coming days and weeks see what we can do to expose the pack of lies and innuendoes that characterise the garbage in this report.”

Meles Zenawi

?We turned it around in the second half on the defensive end. USC attacked the basket and we had to make adjustments at halftime. Leon is grabbing a lot of rebounds and that helps.?

Ben Braun

“Hundreds of spectators turned out to see off the sailors, who had a slow start due to the fact that the winds are not very strong at the moment.”

Ronelda Visser

“They hadn't even touched the puck there in the third, and we turned it over and they shot it in our net. That's the only chance to shoot it, and, bang, it's in our net. And now we're digging out of a bigger hole.”

Mike Babcock

“The fact they've turned a low margin operation into a good margin operation demonstrates to me that there is expertise there and gives me some confidence in their New Zealand purchase.”

Craig Shepherd

“Historians are prophets with their face turned backward.”

Friedrich Von Schiller

“Kirby always said he was going to die before he turned 50. I'm praying he gets through this.”

Laura Nygren