Turned Related Quotes

“They turned the ball over four straight times on their own side and we just punched them in.”

Perry Herbst

“The Iraqi planes when they saw they were engaged and being fired upon by the U.S. planes turned and beat a hasty retreat out of the no-fly zone.”

Kenneth Bacon

“It would be nice if it turned out we were wrong again, that our forecasts for the second quarter were also too pessimistic, but unfortunately, I don't think that's going to be the case, ... With the ongoing currency situation, higher oil prices, and the more difficult comparisons year-over-year, a slowdown is to be expected.”

Howard Silverblatt

“We turned it over a bunch in the first quarter. They're one of the top teams in our league and we couldn't stop them defensively. It wasn't one of our better games.”

Mark Manchester

“[Warner visited former teammates before the game and said hello to Rams coach Mike Martz, who turned his old job over to Bulger two years ago.] It wasn't that strange at all, ... This is my team now.”

Kurt Warner

“So far, this has turned out to be the year's great bargain hunt,”

Kurt Barnard

“I told everyone, 'Thanks for coming. I turned [the TV] off and went upstairs and just kind of hung by myself. It was certainly humbling, and it wasn't like there were no quarterbacks coming off the board.”

Kyle Orton

“I liked the fact that we only turned the ball over seven times. That's a major. And we had 17 assists. That's an extremely important category. But I don't like the way we executed.”

C. Vivian Stringer

“The tyrant is only the slave turned inside out”

Egyptian Proverb

“Michelle is like a violin, a finely turned instrument. Fencing is a combat sport and she is so powerful.”

Michael Morgan