Turned Related Quotes

“It's clear the consumer has progressively turned more cautious and conservative. Given that, and given that business capital spending has yet to come back, how long can this recovery keep on going? These numbers certainly make that a legitimate question.”

Wayne Ayers

“He had splendid conformation-broad shoulders, white hair and erect carriage-and was beautifully turned out in an ensemble of rich brown. One was inclined to hope he would, in the end, award first prize to himself.”

Red Smith

“You could imagine if there was an earthquake in Utah in winter and everyone ran outside and turned off their gas. By the time we could get around to relighting everyone, it would be a problem, because people would have no heat until we got there.”

Steve Chapman

“And turned into a board relationship.”

David Hayden

“With the bases loaded, he turned it up. He threw a curveball to Utley and struck him out that I think was the best curveball I've ever seen him throw.”

Felipe Alou

“My kids did phenomenally well today. They turned in personal bests in just about everything they swam.”

Wendy Savino

“The first four minutes we got any shot we wanted. Then they turned it up. The thing about SIU... is you might think it's a good look and then all of a sudden there's a guy running at you and closing and playing it and with unbelievable effort. The ground that they cover is just amazing.”

Mark Turgeon

“The fact they've turned a low margin operation into a good margin operation demonstrates to me that there is expertise there and gives me some confidence in their New Zealand purchase.”

Craig Shepherd

“With the length of the bases, you have to be perfect at every turn. We haven't turned too many, but we complement each other really well and we just haven't had that many chances to turn it this year.”

Rachel Means

“I think we had all turned around and started walking away from that one, and Kollar was going nuts. He was hollering, 'Get the ball, get the ball.' Thank goodness Steven was able to run him down.”

Mike Martz