Type Related Quotes

“Not having a clue as to what type of act I'd perform, I borrowed a friend's drum set, contacted Van and in 1974 we began our career as Dan & Van -- the Two Man Band.”

Dan Rucker

“I love him. He's probably one of the favorite coaches that I've had. He's the type of person I want coaching me. He's not too uptight. He's not in your face. He enjoys other things instead of just football. He's very good on the sideline if things are going wrong and people are freaking out.”

Danny Embick

“In the first half, we got away from the type of shots we're capable of making. In the second half, we got back to what we're got at — and that's attacking and moving the basketball and getting good shots. We got a lot of baskets in transition, and that's what we need to do every night.”

Mark Feigl

Lincoln was not a type. He stands alone - no ancestors, no fellows, no successors.

Robert Green Ingersoll

“What I've achieved now is something that I always figured I would as a kid. I've had that type of determination since I was a youngster playing around the playgrounds, getting dirty after school.”

Amare Stoudemire

I am a melancholy type of person.

Alexander Mcqueen

Its not the type of pencil but the artist's skill that matters.

Srinivas Shenoy

Westerns are a type of picture which everybody can see and enjoy.

Randolph Scott

?We have the type of team that can just jump on a team early and we can just hit 'em, ... We can't give teams any chance ... because everyone is going to have their eye on us.?

Ben Chandler

“Would we want to do the same thing to a different type of comet? I don't want to answer that question until we have analyzed the results from this comet. It depends on what picture we piece together from observing beneath this comet's surface,”

Lucy Mcfadden