Type Related Quotes

I honestly believe that all of my work have the type of impact that will allow me to create some unique opportunities.

Vantile Whitfield

“He's a heart-and-soul player. He's the type of guy you want on your side because he's probably the hardest worker on our team and he's going to be the same way over there.”

Daniel Briere

“Both of us recognize there's a need for this type of housing, and both of us are going after it in a big way. All the market research you see indicates people are wanting to retire here.”

David Hughes

I've always been the type of guy that wants to change, adapt and morph from year to year.

Chris Jericho

“He was a great kid. Very intelligent, always positive, a good smile. Hard worker. The type of kid we love to have in our program.”

Dale Patton

Ability to type on a computer terminal is no guarantee of sanity, intelligence, or common sense.

Gene Spafford

I was a kid who got picked on in school and got beat up by popular, athletic soccer-type people.

Fred Durst

Hopefully people will be reinventing comedy forever and ever. This is just what I do, and it's a type of comedy.

David Cross

“For years, we've been advising buyers that greener models are available to them no matter what type of vehicle they're shopping for. Today, with a bona fide gas-powered SUV on our Greenest Vehicles list, this advice rings truer than ever,”

James Kliesch

As a business you should probably be examining, hey, is this the type of message we want to send?

Chris Kluwe