Underestimated Related Quotes

Earnestness is highly underestimated. It comes from the core, while hip is trying to impress you on the surface.

Randy Pausch

The role of inequity in society is grossly underestimated. Inequity is not good for your health, basically.

Frans De Waal

Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated, look I'm still around.


The power of visibility can never be underestimated.

Margaret Cho

“The governor may have underestimated the depth of Republican concerns about borrowing.”

Dan Schnur

If you speak to young kids anywhere in the world, hip-hop is the music that they like to listen to more than any other type, so the influence simply cannot be underestimated.

Simon De Pury

“Up until now we have chronically underestimated the very substantial differences in the way individuals respond to the same dose of the same drug.”

Dr. Garret Fitzgerald

I wanted him to declare in shock how overlooked and underestimated I had been ever since I was a child. How lucky he felt to be the one to have discovered me, to have me. I wanted him to look at me like maybe I was magic.

Aspen Matis

The importance of a lost romantic vision should not be underestimated. In such a vision is power as well as joy. In it is meaning.Life is flat, barren, zestless, if one can find one's lost vision nowhere.

Sarah-patton Boyle

If you are going to be underestimated by people who speak more rapidly, the temptation is to speak slowly and strategically and outwit them.

Doris Betts