Underway Related Quotes

“As is evident, a clear deceleration appears to be underway. The gain was not large enough to recoup the 13.1% month-over-month decline in July.”

David Orr

“Phase one of CoNE is barely underway, phases two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight are still to come and there are 17 years to go on the tax treaty. There will be many, many, more CoNE phase proposals for the Planning Commission to review and approve so Mr. Nelson will have to step aside many, many more times.”

Wayne Asselin

“There's still a very exciting story to tell in Snowmass. The renaissance of Snowmass is underway. There's still something like $28 million in development projects currently going on in town without including Base Village.”

David Perry

“We have been trying for months to get an investigation underway into this deal which was negotiated between Toll employees and former Toll employees who were being given Toll options while working at Pacific National,”

Chris Corrigan

“Asia is still the weakest link in pandemic preparedness when compared with what is underway in Europe.”

Peter Cordingley

“But as to its impact on our operational effectiveness and what's already underway here, it's negligible.”

Maj. Scott Lundy

“The playoffs get underway very quickly and we'll make sure we let everyone know when.”

Don Robertson

?Numbers nine and ten are both currently underway. It takes between 12 and 18 months per site, including final inspections and landscaping, and each house costs about $65,000 to complete ? with much of our material being donated or coming to us at a discount due to the generosity of many local businesses.?

Barbara Manning

“Everything is very ideal, right now. I'm starting to feel pretty excited that we're going to get this underway.”

Dan Johnston

“In essence there are three studies underway.”

Steve Nicholls