Unforgettable Related Quotes

“Our instinct took over, undeveloped and sober. So we fought over what we believed not. Instead of talking about what we've got.”

Steve Ray Collins

“Natalie had an unforgettable night. I know it's cliché, but she was in the zone. She attacked the rim and when they took that away by sagging in on her she bombed away.”

Cary Thompson

“If you want to meet Mark Twain, all you have to do is use your brain!”

Steve Ray Collins

“Capturing the best thoughts, there are only those that you have left with me. Smiling, laughing, loving, and respecting...touched. -Dedicated to E. M. U.”

Marlene M. Chavez

“You say you hate what's fake, but it's your mind you make.”

Steve Ray Collins