United states Related Quotes

“The United States must remain ever-vigilant in finding and freezing terrorist money around the world, and we need to demand similar vigilance from all countries around the globe,”

Sue Kelly

“We have to make sure that everyone is included in every decision made, so the United States can remain together,”


“Nixon and the FBI saw VVAW as a major, major threat to the United States, ... Home To War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans' Movement.”

Gerald Nicosia

“The United States is the litmus test for our competitiveness. We won't run away from that.”

Wolfgang Bernhard

“They came from all over. It wasn't just from the United States.”

Robert Short

“A down payment by the United States of $1 billion would provide further momentum. This down payment would make it possible for more than 10 million children to go to school and ensure that our country is contributing at least as much as the United Kingdom.”

Gene Sperling

“In the United States, there is very little until Friday when we get both retail sales data and the preliminary March consumer sentiment survey from the University of Michigan.”

Gordon Brown

“This is the size of the mills like those in the United States.”

Adolfo Kalach

“Our relationship with the United States is central to our foreign policy and ought to be one of a deep and enduring partnership.”

William Hague

“We cannot afford to put billions of dollars into foreign adventures while we watch schools crumble in the United States.”

Al Sharpton