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I got into stand-up to get on a sitcom.

David Spade

I didn't watch a lot of TV growing up.

Missy Peregrym

Hollywood people want to build you up and make you famous only to knock you off you're the pedestal they built for you.

Morgan Brittany

I grew up on radio, not TV.

David Lee Roth

I'm one of the cliches that has grown up.

Charles Olson


Skills are freedom. Get skilled up!

Pat Falvey

Stand-up comedy is a raunchy profession.

Aziz Ansari

Happy Birthday!' I yelled, 'Now, shut up!

Rick Riordan

Stand-up would be my worst nightmare.

Steven Pasquale

Beauty products always cheer me up and give me hope. If it makes you feel pretty, why not?

Salma Hayek