Up Related Quotes

To those who have given up on love: I say, "Trust life a little bit.

Maya Angelou

Managing bottom-up change is its own art.

Kevin Kelly

Night begins to muffle up the day.

George Wither

Never, ever ever ever ever give up.

Winston Churchill

I want to do a make-up line for men.

Adam Ant

I believe love opens people up.

David Hare

We are all made up of star stuff.

Carl Sagan

It's a compulsive need to wreck everything. You might notice there's a pattern of stripping down and building back up again throughout my life. But I guess that's how some of us conduct our lives.

David Bowie

Keep your head up. Keep your heart strong

Ben Howard

What's up is faith, what's down is heresy.

Alfred Lord Tennyson