Ups Related Quotes

I have body hang-ups - but I work the best of what I've got.

Nikki Sanderson

You got to set your mind right and the rest will come to you naturally. No restrictions, no hang-ups, no stupid rules, no formalities, no forbidden fruit - just everyone getting and giving as much as he and she can.

Ray Charles

I'd always wanted to be on Broadway one day, but it seemed like a dream that might be unattainable. This business has a lot of ups and downs and I learned that pretty quickly.

Kara Lindsay

I don't think jogging is healthy, especially morning jogging. If morning joggers knew how tempting they looked to morning motorists, they would stay home and do sit-ups.

Rita Rudner

It was hard to reassure grown-ups when you weren't certain yourself what you were feeling and thinkingâ??when thoughts dissolved before you could name them.

Paula Fox

We've had hassles, ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. We're human beings, and we're not perfect. And we're mortal. But the Beach Boys is musically a tremendous body of work that transcends individuality and time and national boundaries.

Mike Love

We became friends as we became a band. Our friendship evolved as the band evolved. It had its ups and downs, but it was mostly ups for the four of us. We got along well almost all of the time. Hey! We liked each other and we still do.

Dave Blood

Elijah can register such subtle emotion on his face that I loved doing close-ups on him. He really brings a superb emotional level to Frodo's scenes and although he is a very instinctive actor, we discussed the character thoroughly.

Peter Jackson

It's best not to get too excited or too depressed by the ups and downs of life.

Dalai Lama

Eat breakfast. Do some push-ups. Go for long walks. Get plenty of sleep.

Austin Kleon