Using Related Quotes

“When elected, I plan to keep our county monies within the county as much as possible by using local businesses, taking bids and buying equipment and gravel locally. I would also like to tell all county employees they will keep their jobs. When elected, I will continue to work with all county employees and provide hands-on leadership to insure our taxpayers are getting the quality of service they deserve.”

Dale Freeman

“The tactics that the abductors are using -- showing her with a veil on, crying, asking for the release of the Iraqi prisoners -- is an unacceptable tactic. Even if the abductors believe the Iraqi women are being imprisoned unjustly, Islam does not condone two wrongs making a right.”

Dawud Walid

“[She] further advised [me] that she consensually allowed Sengstack to photograph her, using a digital camera, on several occasions in various states of undress, as well as in the performance of sexual activity,”

Michael Twomey

“If I displayed this cup, I might look at it once or twice a week. By using it, I get pleasure from it continually.”

Lila Acheson Wallace

“We are pleased to join them in their youth efforts while using our game of football as a positive educational resource for children.”

Cedric Jones

“We've prevented Milosevic from using refugees as a weapon to destabilize neighboring countries.”

Jamie Shea

“It's a way of slowing down your truck without using your brakes.”

Erik Jenkins

“The whole key is not using the same launch point,”

Norm Chow

“I generally put priority on hand-made items and using goods that others no longer have a need for. Our happening bar employees use all different ways to keep our customers happy. You need to be a bit crafty to get by when you're surviving on ideas. Doing it that way costs less and creates lots more opportunities.”

Eiji Hiramatsu

“If you are using a professional to have your taxes prepared and something comes up in the interviewing process, you'll need time to go back and find that information. Inevitably you forget something. Maybe you brought the wrong property tax bill, or didn't get tuition for your children's education all gathered today.”

Cindy Frailing