Usually Related Quotes

“China has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. And fast-growing economies usually provide opportunities for equity investors.”

Wang Lei

“He was usually a young tough guy, rough and tumble all that good stuff. For a guy like that to write something that sensitive I thought was pretty remarkable.”

Paul Dooley

“It could have a bad fin. It could have some disruption of the laser. But generally speaking, it's usually some weather kind of cause that would make that happen,”

Charles Wald

“Brad is a student of the game and this is a very well-prepared young team. Usually young teams have a lot of flaws, in how they prepare for the games and strategy, but not these guys.”

Russ Howard

“Usually when things slow down, you get both [production cuts and increased incentives]. It's hard to get one or the other by themselves.”

David Garrity

“I usually pick them the first week in September, when they're a brilliant orange.”

Polly Kolstad

“When we're playing well, we're usually on the run. If we can rebound and play solid defense, things are going well. Our defense leads to offense.”

Dave Pero

“I watched my gestures, ... Usually, I would be more pumped up. I tried not to show as much. He's a very good player and a very good friend.”

Rafael Nadal

“New car lending is not a high-margin business. The net margin is usually less than 1 percent.”

Christopher Wolfe

“These people make some pretty high dollars, and they're usually 50 to 55 years old. It's not easy to get a new job paying that kind of money.”

David Livingston