Virtually Related Quotes

“Truckers have contributed from virtually every state in the country with the exception of Hawaii.”

Dave Menzer

“This is an idea to reach out to virtually anybody who is interested.”

Susan Chandler

“Degradation is a continuum, ... In virtually every ecosystem we visited, humans have colonized the landscape. Very few places are wild. The places to find wildlife are in protected areas. This is a good indicator of how deeply human species has penetrated the continent.”

Michael Fay

“Virtually all of the 28 have received verbal threats and begged to be evacuated.”

Kris Janowski

“[As for Clive Barker -- he spent virtually all day with his fans. First at an autograph session that went on far longer than it was scheduled to for the simple reason that the accomplished horror master took the time to converse with each and every fan like he was visiting with an old friend. Having interviewed Barker on a number of occasions I can attest to his warmth as an interview subject. On one occasion my cameraman was late due to traffic so Barker suggested we head down to the bar in the downtown Hilton Hotel for a drink where he proceeded to sign a copy of one of his books for me, not just sign it, but sketch an original piece of his unique artwork on the blank reverse side of the title page. Today he was cheerful and happy to be among his fans and readers.] I do love these events, ... It is a chance to interact in a direct and personal way. So when I do agree to attend such an event, I wholeheartedly throw myself headlong into it.”

Clive Barker

“We have no plans to leave. We are virtually being held prisoner here by the radicals. It's not safe to go outside of the compound.”

Frank Gilbert

“They come in and in a period of less than two days they can virtually wipe out all the menhaden that exist.”

Rube Mcmullen

“The president has come up with a bold, well-thought-out plan that will let virtually every American who pays taxes keep more of their hard-earned money,”

Zell Miller

“I'd use it tomorrow in virtually every criminal and civil case on my desk.”

Robert Shapiro

“There's virtually no pressure on me, ... The pitcher has got to throw it over the plate. I got some good pitches to hit in those situations.”

Morgan Ensberg