Volunteers Related Quotes

“Our volunteers are the most incredible people in the world. They give freely of their time and energy. But we don't have enough volunteers to keep up with it.”

Cynde Frankel

“We just don't have enough volunteers, ... It's tough enough to get volunteers to do the field maintenance, concession stands, picking up the garbage ... and killing hornets.”

Gordon Patterson

“Volunteers have already sent in more then 20,000 specimens. We've identified 233 species so far, two-thirds of them new to the state. At first most of the specimens came from around houses and neighborhood streets. Now we have more of an ecosystems survey, with volunteers exploring alpine areas or riparian wetlands. I think the survey is making people more aware of the great diversity of life around them.”

Paula Cushing

“It's an enjoyable experience to make a difference, ... They [volunteers] are actually getting dirty. They're using their hearts, their hands and their heads to make a difference.”

Chris Allen

“Thanks to all the volunteers, the campaign was the most successful ever. My hat is off to everyone here.”

Scott Meister

“These volunteers are wonderful. Some have been here since 5:30 this morning setting up and directing vendors. They are helping everywhere. It's a sea of yellow T-shirts.”

Carolyn Coates

“That's why the group of volunteers from the senior volunteer program, who've done a lot of study, can really guide you through the program without any bias.”

Carolyn Stuercke

“I've seen what the first-aid volunteers do, and they need to be more appreciated.”

Mary O'brien

“We need 55 runners to break even and have not met this number with pre-registrations. We need 14 volunteers and have only two commitments to date.”

Art Weaver

“We are so desperate for dollars and for volunteers.”

Kathlyn Cunningham