Vote Related Quotes

“And I guess it would be fair to say I was shocked, I was very surprised by Leahy's vote yesterday,”

Nan Aron

“We don't have an opinion or more importantly a vote one way or another. We're not thrilled with it ... but it's essentially up to the analysts.”

Ken Perkins

“I will always vote on the side of freedom and our right to keep and bear arms.”

Mel Martinez

Every day is Earth Day, and I vote we start investing in a secure climate future right now.

Jackie Speier

“ Benson said in an interview after the vote. ''I think this law finally puts all parental notification on the same footing.”

Craig Benson

“I would keep an eye on the upcoming vote. This isn't quite over yet.”

Dan Scott

Cambridge is thriving and Britain is working. We have been telling people - 'if you value it, vote for it' - and this is particularly relevant in Cambridge.

Anne Campbell

If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president.

Ann Coulter

I don't always vote in general elections, but I think I've always voted Labour.

Paul Merton