Warming Related Quotes

“The biggest single step that the president could take to cut our oil addiction, curb global warming and save consumers money at the gas pump is raising (fuel economy) standards substantially, and that's not what they are doing. They are tinkering around the edges rather than using the most powerful tool they've got.”

Dan Beck

“My knee felt great. I did a lot of warming up. Once it got loose, it felt great.”

Al Thornton

“Numerical modeling studies show that similar changes can be triggered by warming associated with human emissions as well.”

Scott Lehman

“The biggest single step to saving money at the gas pump, curbing global warming, and cutting America's oil dependence is to make our cars, SUVs and other trucks go farther on a gallon of gas.”

Dan Becker

“The global warming thing is a long-term issue to be concerned about, how that's changing things. To me, I'd be much more worried about a Katrina right now versus something in 10 or 20 years.”

Chris Landsea

“So the world's warming up. What happens now? There actually are, strangely enough, there are benefits. I'm going to try to show both sides and let people make up their minds.”

Ron Galloway

“I hope the balminess of the morning is the warming of our collective consciousness.”

Cheryl Beckett

“E. M. Forster never gets any further than warming the teapot. He's a rare fine hand at that. Feel this teapot. Is it not beautifully warm? Yes, but there ain't going to be no tea.”

Katherine Mansfield

“But at the same time, global warming is such an overwhelming problem that we need to keep nuclear power on the table as an option.”

Charlie Miller

“I made a mistake and now I'll have to wait a couple of days. I felt it warming up and thought it's not too serious. I tried to throw and look what happened.”

Armando Benitez