Warnings Related Quotes

“It certainly seems to me that the warnings are not sufficiently clear to the general public.”

Laura Liddicoat

“Smokers don't seem to notice [the warnings]. We don't know why. Maybe it's because they're just used to them, or bored of them, or in denial.”

Maurice Ptito

“We are possibly facing one of the worst periods, with profit warnings likely to come out some more, and banks and corporations are stepping up unloading of cross-held shares into September,”

Yoshihisa Okamoto

“For four days there were warnings that the hurricane was going to make a direct hit, and the king of vacations at his ranch only said, 'You must flee,' ... He did not say how.”

Hugo Ch

“It has been hammered on an earnings warnings very recently, but their long-term earnings are very much intact; it is a compelling price in the low 40s.”

Cisco Systems

“High-tech issues are surrounded by persistent fears over possible profit warnings as we get closer to the mid-year book closing in September.”

Yutaka Miura

“With the ground as wet as it is we'll be back under flash flood warnings and watches by Monday.”

Gregory Hall

“We were very aware of the warnings.”

Doug Desilvey

“This really is a bad period in terms of warnings.”

Chuck Hill

“The market is plagued by warnings. There have been over 500 negative preannouncements in the last four to five weeks,”

Larry Wachtel