Water Related Quotes

“Then three years ago we started exploring deep water for bottom fish. Few boats fish for bottom fish there.”

Ed Duda

“The road was insane. We crossed bodies of water -- rivers --12 times.”

Andy Neary

“They have been on the water all winter long. We barely got on the water.”

Will Miller

“So We opened the gates of the cloud with water pouring / And We made water to flow forth in the land in springs, so the water gathered together according to a measure already ordained.”


“If you cast your bread upon the water and you have faith, you'll get back cash. If you don't have faith, you'll get soggy bread.”

Don King

?In the end they were dead weight. We didn't have to use them because we went through the rough water better.?

Barney Williams

“Comparing me to putting the water department at jeopardy is like going to Iraq because Saddam had something to do with 9/11. That was a hell of a puzzle to put together,”

Kwame Kilpatrick

?Diversity is not a characteristic of life; it is a condition necessary for life ... like air and water.?

Barry Lopez

“We have just finished assessing subterranean water quality at former blast sites. Our group worked near the No. 1,003 and No. 1,004 wells, where nuclear warheads were detonated, which spewed earth and radiation into the atmosphere. The received data have shown that local subterranean waters are absolutely clean; background radiation alone has been registered. The same can be said about water inside these wells. We failed to obtain ample data for assessing radionuclide migration inside subterranean waters. Our project has therefore flopped. This is bad for our research. On the other hand, we have received new information about regional radiation levels.”

Yelena Kvasnikova

“I hope there begins to be some attention on these downstream water bodies and when we're going to clean them up, what course of action will be taken.”

Dean Naujoks