Ways Related Quotes

“They lost, and they lost in unusual ways.”

Roger Kahn

“We're pleased to be able to offer Parade magazine each Sunday to our readers. We're always looking for ways to upgrade our products to better serve our customers. We believe our subscribers will appreciate the lively and interesting content of Parade.”

Mark Baker

“Enron depends upon government policies to enhance their bottom line in lots of ways, ... The company relies upon this kind of access to government.”

Craig Mcdonald

“We met a man who came to film us interviewing Lovett and walked a ways down the road to the retirement village to meet her.”

Caroline Leland

“The smart domain-name holders protect themselves in two ways: first, they complete a trademark search before selecting a domain name to ensure availability, and secondly, once they adopt the name, they register it as a trademark to protect themselves from business disruption, ... This way they are covered from all sides.”

Alan Davidson

“Anytime you make a mistake on the field you want to find ways to make up for it, and tonight it worked out. I was going hard at it. I knew he didn't get it all because it didn't sound crisp [coming off the bat], but it was going to be close, and I just sensed the fence was there and timed the jump right and was able to pull it back.”

Shawn Green

“My coach, he tried to find different ways to get me the ball ? options, coming up with creative plays. But they were normally the seven routes, the post corners and the digs, and when you got a tight end ? who can make moves like a wide receiver ? when there is a linebacker on you, that's kind of a mismatch.”

Vernon Davis

“New vulnerabilities are continually uncovered, and systems are configured or used in ways that make them open to attack.”

Dorothy Denning

“One of the ways to try to improve the confirmation process is to write and tell what it's all about, believing that if the American people are aware of things, they will take action on their own. It's part of creating an awareness of what the battle is all about.”

Charles Pickering

“Quite honestly I think we're still a long ways off. I think it's a lot more complex than what you're seeing and hearing. There's big issues and a lot of small issues that hook into them. So to think there's any resolution is really premature.”

Darryl Sutter