Ways Related Quotes

“We give ways for restaurants and bars to distinguish themselves from their competition.”

Chris Jeffery

“Defensively, we have to find ways to let Jose see the puck a lot better. And at the same time, hopefully, there will be a little bit of an adjustment from both sides - the referees and the players - to try and make sure we don't create some serious injury situations.”

Claude Julien

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel”

Jane Smiley

“There's two ways to look at the NIT. You can look at it as being deflated and feeling sorry for yourself that you didn't make the NCAA or you can use it as Memphis did last year as a springboard to a great future. And if you have character that's what you will do.”

Rick Pitino

“Obviously, he's smart at a lot of things, but he was always able to come up with a few ways we could attack a team and exploit our offense. Once we got some continuity and a stable lineup late in the season, he was tremendous. He was a great asset for our program.”

Jamey Collins

“It showed that we can win different kinds of ways. I think that was something we were lacking at the end of last season.”

Davy Arnaud

“On the stage you get an opportunity to do that again every night, so your constantly thinking of ways to improve and everyday your a different person.”

Wayne Rogers

“He was shooting incredible that first month. He since has cooled off, but he still finds ways to score. He can put it on the floor and get to the line.”

Mike Costello

“What it says is that in many ways Hillary Clinton is still a polarizing figure.”

Hank Sheinkopf

“You have to find nontraditional ways to reach the audience,”

David Janollari