Wealthy Related Quotes

For a nation to be truly wealthy, it must possess a wealth of virtues.

Sunday Adelaja

“But see I hung in there, I persevered, and what's the end of the story? I'm healthy, wealthy and free. How many wrestlers, 50-years-old are even alive?”

Lanny Poffo

You know what I mean. I'm telling you I was stupid over it. I thought it was about trying so hard to survive that you didn't have the time to be a good parent. Obviously, that's not it. Because you and I, we're both...wealthy in love.

Maggie Stiefvater

If you insist on digging for the truth, you can start at the cemetery. But not the one on the wealthy side of town, because I already dug up everything of value.

Jarod Kintz

“The credit market is one of the factor that cause this financial slowdown. However one should not be impede from taking up a loan just because of this. Every coin has two sides. What you have seen is merely the bad side. The good side of it is, many wealthy individuals leveraged on loans and credit in order to make it big.”

Zeng Han Jun

There is, indeed, nothing more annoying than to be, for instance, wealthy, of good family, nice-looking, fairly intelligent, and even good-natured, and yet to have no talents, no special faculty, no peculiarity even, not one idea of one's own, to be precisely "like other people.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

I'm from a working-class background, and I've experienced that worry of not having a job next week because the unions are going on strike.

Annie Lennox

The whole process of getting licenses to broadcast, which took place decades ago, was done behind closed doors by powerful lobbies, and wealthy commercial interests got all the licenses with no public input, no congressional input for that matter.

Robert Waterman Mcchesney

The press is owned by wealthy men who only want certain things to reach the public.

Noam Chomsky

Healthy people sleep eight hours,Wealthy people sleep four hours.

Amit Kalantri