Weekend Related Quotes

I tell people all the time, I've always loved music and I love the language, which is a huge reason why I'm part of theater. But, I didn't wanna do all of this. I would've been satisfied to do it, like, on the weekends among friends, and to have a regular job.

Mos Def

To supply people for ages in camps makes no sense... you have to rebuild that cabana that they rent out to tourists on the weekend. They need help getting their fields repaired and their boats repaired.

Sam Worthington

We set up one rule in our house, which is, 'Guests of guests cannot bring guests.' That rule was required because that happened one weekend, and we finally said, 'Okay, you know what? That's a little too much.'

Elizabeth Gilbert

I have only a few really enviable skills, but packing - condensing just the right amount of stuff into a single bag, whether the trip is for a weekend or, as in this case, seven weeks - is one of them.

Hanya Yanagihara

See, 'A Time to Kill' was the one I got famous off of. Big ka-boom, over one weekend. After that, I did films that I really wanted to do.

Matthew Mcconaughey

People are kind of upset with British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward. Over the weekend, he was out on his yacht. And when President Obama found out that Tony Hayward was on his yacht, he was so angry, he missed a putt.

David Letterman

“People are usually either really serious or they decide to pull out. The rest of us give up every weekend from early February until late April spending every weekend racing at a different college. It's hard to get out of bed sometimes.”

Cliff Smoot

“These were good swims for this weekend. Our goal was to swim fast enough this weekend to get our foot in the door so we can swim even faster next weekend. I thought we were a little tentative today, so we need to refocus during practices this week.”

Cindy Virdo

Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend.

Rebecca Black

“There's a lot going on next week. There's the OPEC and G8 meetings this weekend, and a bunch of economic reports that the market is going to be watching carefully.”

Paul Mendelsohn