Weekend Related Quotes

In an ideal world, I'd spend every weekend at my home in Zermatt in Switzerland.

Vanessa Mae

“Maybe they are afraid. I hope they will be after the weekend.”

Rafael Benitez

“Some of our best athletes will be missing this weekend, so in that sense it will hurt us. We still think we will be able to do well.”

Zach Labrecque

I always try to start my weekend by running on the beach, which is great fun here in Barcelona.

Daniel Bruhl

Take me to the driest county in the most conservative state, and in two hours this determined hedonist will find you all the drugs, whores, and booze you'll need to pass an eventful weekend.

Dan Savage

“It was excellent, ... We had a great car all weekend. We made a good change there on the second stop. The car was solid and we were able to hang onto third. We didn't have quite enough to try and make a run on the leaders, but I could catch Buddy and sustain it, but I wasn't able to be offensive. I'm really happy with the podium (top three). It's our first podium of the season. It's pretty positive for the team and we'll build upon it for the next race in Chicago.”

Alex Barron

Multiplicity was a movie that tested really well. People seeing the movie really liked it, but then the studio couldn't market it. We opened on a weekend with nine other films.

Harold Ramis

If you want something you can't afford, think what else that money could buy: a week's groceries, a month's rent, or a weekend away. That will put things into perspective.

Sophie Kinsella

“I hate weekends because there is no stock market.”

Rene Rivkin

“It's an alternative during busy weekend and holiday periods if you don't feel like dealing with crowds but just want to enjoy the serenity of being in the mountains.”

Karl Stone