Weeks Related Quotes

“I want it to be the most perfect gorgeous dress. I tried on my first dress a couple of weeks ago. It was gorgeous, but I'm still looking.”

Karen Kelly

“It was the perfect race for me. I don't even plan to peak for another six weeks at nationals, so this is better than I could have imagined. I'm going to be faster before the season is over.”

Dan Mcmanamon

“Typically, maybe one or two a month over a year. To see eight in two weeks is pretty unusual.”

Corey Ellingson

?We can't rush him back. If we rush him back and he's injured and out for two more weeks, that's stupid.?

Barry Smith

“As tragic as this result is, unfortunately, it is not a surprise. We have been afraid for several weeks that an increase in homelessness would be the outcome of the Bush transitional housing program. This is simply the logical consequence of a flawed program design and an inept program implementation.”

Sheila Crowley

“The rebound is expected to continue in coming weeks and the extent could be pretty significant.”

Zhang Qi

“I faced these guys about two weeks ago and I got ahead early with a lot of fastballs. After the first inning, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to do that, so I had to mix it up. It kept them off balance and really confused their hitters.”

Chris Phillips

“I'll be surprised if we actually end up with hearings in two weeks. There's so little enthusiasm for this nominee anywhere, and it's hurting the president so much at this time when he's otherwise in trouble. I do think she'll withdraw.”

William Kristol

“My wife thinks I'm very hot. She tells me that every couple weeks, especially when we go to the NCAA tournament and all the nice things come along with it.”

Gregg Marshall

“We found some unexpected problems related to our customer receivables in Mexico, which we announced two weeks ago, and we have launched our own thorough internal investigation. We are fully cooperating with the SEC and will be in a position to provide more information when we release second-quarter earnings.”

Christa Carone