Weeks Related Quotes

“For sure in the coming weeks or months, you will see the withdrawal of forces.”

Yonadam Kanna

“I don't enjoy being in Europe for weeks on end, so I just skip it.”

Lindsay Davenport

“I had three weeks off after the British Open in July, and that's when I realised I wouldn't be able to get in my 11 events in Europe.”

Peter Lonard

“It is really disappointing and that fine is the equivalent of three weeks wages for our total squad.”

George Campbell

“We'll give it a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down and he'd probably have an operation at the end of the month.”

Rodney Eade

“It's all you think about. We had two weeks off, and there's not a moment you don't think about it.”

Ron Capps

“It's heartbreaking when you finish a project like that after 10 years, you can't even enjoy it for two weeks,”

Pat Walsh

“Over the last few weeks, we have worked hard to prepare evolutions of the P Zero most suited to the 2006 Monte Carlo Rally evaluating the stage surface variations and other differences in relation to last year's event. So we are ready for this first rally of the season and I am personally confident, because I believe a significant result could be within our crews' reach.”

Mario Isola

“The players I feel sorry for are the freshmen. They only have two weeks left in their season and they have hardly played any games.”

Paul Maytorena

“We shot terrible and they played really well. They're playing now like we were a couple of weeks ago - with a lot of confidence and very well defensively.”

Don Maestri