Weird Related Quotes

“I thought it was really weird seeing my face up on the screen.”

Daniel Radcliffe

“We stopped moving the ball. We were standing too much and didn't attack the basket. It was really weird. I'm trying to figure it out myself how we can score four points (in the third quarter). We just stopped doing the little things.”

Mark Bailey

“The original intent was to find out nothing weird had happened at the house, no one ... was murdered here or anything. It was completely random that it came up.”

Nelson Taruc

I mean, it's fine when you're a kid and someone runs into the playground and goes, 'I've got this great game of pretend,' and you play... As an actor, getting to play, getting to use your imagination and be childish - it is weird but it's wonderful.

Max Irons

“Wow. That's pretty neat. That is weird. Maybe there's some fate there.”

Darryl Sutter

“This whole story sounds weird to everybody else, but it makes perfect sense to me,”

David Westerfield

“I actually felt at home -- finally. I'm trying to get back into the routine. It was weird to pick up the leather and run out there with the guys. But it felt good.”

Chris Duffy

“It's weird. Prior to having my first record, Corey Hart was just my name.”

Corey Hart

“He was professionally fearless, but calculating. He didn't go stupidly into combat. That was what was so weird (about the way he died). It was so un-Neil, but it was so un-Thai. This wasn't a conflict, this was a bunch of chocolate soldiers.”

Derek Williams

“He's doing a great job. It's weird, but he's definitely holding his own.”

Luis Rivas