West Related Quotes

“We knew West was tough. No doubt about it. Belleville West is a very good team.”

David Lipe

“The team the West Indies picked was fairly light on with their batting and we knew that if we made some early in-roads that we might be able to go through them reasonably quickly.”

Ricky Ponting

“We played solid all the way through. We beat the best team in the West at their place. If we keep playing at this level, we are going to put ourselves in great position for the playoffs.”

Rick Adelman

“We got some pretty good rain in the south and west parts of the valley, ... thunderstorms were pretty short-lived, and they are moving fast enough that they didn't lay a whole lot down in any one spot.”

David Hogan

“There was no south, there was no north, no east and no west-just the 11 apostles.”

Paul J. F. Lusaka

“We treat it as a regular-season game and we like to win. The West doesn't get enough credit for having a lot of good lacrosse players, so it was nice to beat the East.”

Lewis Ratcliff

“This is of critical importance as we move forward with the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement, ... especially for the West Seattle to downtown corridor.”

Richard Conlin

“We know what the West Indies are capable of. We are not looking at the rankings. The object is to develop what we think will be a good unit in the future.”

Andy Pycroft

“Opponents would have you believe the law would change Missouri into a Wild West shootout,”

Charlton Heston

“We're representing the Big East and the state of West Virginia.”

Mike Gansey