Whale Related Quotes

On my second swim at Deception Island, the water was very clear and I was looking at hundreds of whale bones beneath me. It was a graveyard from the whaling some time in the 1920s-30s.

Lewis Gordon Pugh

Spain- a great whale stranded on the shores of Europe.

Elizabeth Oakes Smith

To me extremism is targeting endangered whales in a whale sanctuary in violation of a moratorium. That, to me, is extreme.

Paul Watson

Manâ??s usurpation over nature is an egotism that will destroy human as well as whale kingdoms. â?¦ Academies should return to wisdom study in tree groves rather than robot study in plastic cells

Allen Ginsberg

“While the Sanctuary has been most associated with whales and whale watching, it also serves as a steward of the submerged historical and cultural resources within its boundaries. We are extremely proud that our first dedicated mission to search and explore has produced such exciting results.”

Craig Macdonald

“I saw it! This is probably the first whale that swam into our bay in 27 years.”

Krzysztof Skora

Whale Talk' is a tough book, but it is also a compassionate book about telling the truth and about redemption. I didn't draw the tough parts out of thin air; they are stories handed to me by people in pain.

Chris Crutcher

A whale is as unique as a cactus. But don't ask a whale to survive Death Valley. We all have special gifts. Where we use them and how determines whether we actually complete something.

Max De Pree

“[the whale groans] Dory: Okay, he either said, "move to the back of the throat," or he "wants a root beer float".”

Finding Nemo

“We've actually seen them so close that you can see the spout but you can't see the whale. You have to crawl out on your hands and knees and look out over the rocks. They like to come up and rub against the rocks.”

Morris Graves