Whale Related Quotes

The Bible is full of dubious scientific impossibilities, from Jonah living inside a whale, to the sun standing still in the sky for Joshua.

Lawrence M. Krauss

Do you see yonder cloud that's almost in shape of a camel? Polonius: By the mass, and â??tis like a camel, indeed. Hamlet: Methinks it is like a weasel. Polonius: It is backed like a weasel. Hamlet: Or like a whale? Polonius: Very like a whale.

William Shakespeare

“In Depoe Bay, whale watching is darn near year round.”

Dan Zimmerman

Does Greenpeace think it can stop whaling in Antarctica by publicly eating whale meat and declaring it delicious? What are these people thinking?

Paul Watson

Being lampooned on 'South Park' is hardly something to complain about. They brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed.

Paul Watson

“This is a North Atlantic right whale. I'm going to use it (later) during school presentations.”

Chad Truxall

Updike's style is an exquisite blend of Melville and Austen: reading him is like cutting through whale blubber with embroidery scissors.

Florence King

“Most of the global community accept that killing whales is not necessary to study whale populations. Yet Japan continues to do so,”

Chris Carter

I went whale watching once. It was very similar to watching people on a boat become disappointed.

Demetri Martin

We hoped to land a wild cat that would tear out the bowels of the Boche. Instead we have stranded a vast whale with its tail flopping about in the water.

Winston Churchill