Wholesale Related Quotes

“We made wholesale changes. A whole new coaching staff. It's a fresh start for pretty much everyone. We had to get younger. We lost Sam and Spree. They were great players, all stars in this league, so we have to find a way to make up for those guys. I think we're going to do it with hard work and playing our roles.”

Wally Szczerbiak

“Additionally, we are seeing wholesale prices for natural gas to drop and expect approximately an 11 percent decrease in February.”

Dan Alderson

“This is a balanced response to an urgent problem. Our report found wholesale inexcusable national security weaknesses ... at our laboratories.”

Christopher Cox

“Next week, when things have calmed down again, we'll see prices fall due to falling wholesale prices,”

Ray Holloway

“If the lower wholesale price is sustained, you can expect to start seeing at pumps a decline from $2.99 a gallon to about (the) $2.80s by Thursday.”

Steve Douglas

“The price of gasoline at the wholesale level declined sharply last week and there continues to be downward pressure on gas in Texas. Motorists may be in for a few weeks of slightly lower prices. But toward the end of the month, it's likely that pump prices will resume an upward arc.”

Rose Rougeau

“They have to pull gas. And if there's no usage for it, that just puts more pressure on wholesale prices, which in turn puts more pressure on futures.”

Carl Neill

“We had a terrific year. Momentum built with each quarter as our wholesale and retail initiatives produced strong results for our company.”

Ron Fromm

“These changes follow massive increases in the cost of wholesale gas, which has trebled in price since 2003.”

Kevin Miles

“They accommodate the load very well. We couldn't even afford them at wholesale prices.”

Kevin Mcgowan