Winning Related Quotes

“The nine-game winning streak is tremendous. But we're concerned about taking it day-by-day, and just trying to keep winning hockey games.”

Cam Ward

I'm never tired of winning, and I'm never tired of skiing.

Lindsey Vonn

There are lots of people out there who prefer tinkering to winning - it gives them a good excuse.

Carroll Smith

“I wouldn't go so far as to call [winning an Oscar] a curse, but it's definitely a tough cross to bear. It's a really tough burden to carry, and it informs every choice they make in the future.”

Ari Karpel

“It's so great to be standing in front of you representing what this university has always been about: winning championships, national championships.”

Pete Carroll

“The environmental community has spent a lot of time being right, but not winning.”

Dan Sherman

Winning the first championship is a goal for any boxer, and it means a lot to reach it.

Miguel Cotto

“Winning the region, winning the district, that's a great honor. But the state championship was the goal this year. I feel bad that I let all of my seniors down.”

Danny Jones

“You play this game to provide for your family, No. 1. After that, it's about winning. ... We're in good hands.”

Alonzo Mourning

“I really do believe the conservatives are winning the battle.”

Angel Rivera