Winning Related Quotes

“Winning the title would be the icing on the cake for Cody and David. I've never met two kids who hated losing so much.”

Dave Cook

“You can never be a winner when you want to be a quitter.”

A.j. Foyt

“Jackson showed great heart tonight. The way we ended up winning was with heart and desire and we went out there and did it. Everybody played hard and everybody kept playing fast paced.”

Mike Denton

Under no circumstances should you play fast if you have a winning position. Forget the clock, use all your time and make good moves.

Pal Benko

“It's just a winning school. You always equate Texas with winning and working hard. All the way around, Texas, the school, the state, we're giving everybody something to be proud of.”

Daniel Gibson

The most vital aspect of winning is mental attitude.

Phil Mahre

“It's good because, hey, you need both sides to be a winning organization. I think we're starting to understand that and we're developing more position guys earlier in their career.”

Dave Machemer

“A lot of fantasy players feel now as though winning in their fantasy league is more important than what they will at times describe as their childlike loyalty to one team.”

Don Levy

Never interrupt when you're winning.

Laurell K. Hamilton

“I wouldn't go so far as to call [winning an Oscar] a curse, but it's definitely a tough cross to bear. It's a really tough burden to carry, and it informs every choice they make in the future.”

Ari Karpel