Wins Related Quotes

“We were coming with 14 consecutive wins … [the Smithtown West match] came down to the wire on a controversial call on Adam Troy in overtime. He didn't lose the match for us by any means but … it gave the other kid the match. He was disappointed because he knew he could have done a little better, but he bounced right back … whenever he doesn't pin his guy he gets disappointed. He's always going for the pin, which is what you want to do when you wrestle.”

Vin Altebrando

“To be honest, we didn't wrestle very well. We had some opportunities to get some more wins and didn't pull it off. We made some mistakes we shouldn't be making this time of year.”

Pat Timm

“If they do put it on the ballot, other parties may want to file a lawsuit. After the initiative wins, there's certainly likely to be litigation.”

Chris Fitz

“It's irrelevant. He can drive it anywhere he wants. He does and he wins. As wayward as Stephen Ames thinks he hits it, it doesn't seem to bother him.”

Geoff Ogilvy

“If we're divided, the opposition wins. This isn't about policy. This is about how we can spank the governor and form the circular firing squad.”

Michael Mcsweeney

“Very pleased, very excited, we need a few more wins to make playoffs, so we're shooting big. We need four more (wins) and I see seven within our reach. We're grasping for it. We're working hard. Even in practice, these kids, they're chanting 'playoffs.' That's what we're working for.”

Kristen Coutoulakis

“Five wins doesn't begin to say what we've accomplished this year.”

Dana Ross

“Getting these three wins puts a staple on the fact that we're a different team. But these were three wins we were supposed to have, and the Big Ten is a whole different season in itself. We're starting over now.”

Alan Zemaitis

“I don't believe any of our voters have been impressed with any of St. John Fisher's wins. When Roberts Wesleyan is arguably the team's best victory, that doesn't speak well to most voters.”

Pat Coleman

“We're looking to get more wins on the board and get a better seeding in the states. We'd also like to get back into the Shorelines. We took a year off from that last season.”

James Larkin