Wise Related Quotes

“Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience.”

George Bernard Shaw

“A wise falcon hides his talons”


“Right now, at this moment, realize that you are living in the present, that you are living in reality. The next day do the same thing and you'll realize how fast future turned into present, and present, your reality, is now the past.”

Aleksandr Sebryakov

“The wise man does not permit himself to set up even in his own mind any comparisons of his friends. His friendship is capable of going to extremes with many people, evoked as it is by many qualities.”

Charles Dudley Warner

Do not be wise in words - be wise in deeds.

Marcus Aurelius

“A fool stares up looking at the sky stating its the limit, a idiots look down at the ground stating a strong foundation is all that's needed, a jaded person looks behind him saying the past is always present and a determined person looks ahead ignoring all else around him. A wise man looks in all directions analyzing the 360 view of his goals and not forgetting his past, his foundation, his limits or his focus on achieving what his desires”

Syneca De Jormungand

“Wise care keeps what it has gained.”

Danish Proverb

“I was such a late developer, that was actually a very important year for me, hockey-wise ? to develop a style I've been playing with ever since.”

Erik Cole

“The commons, faithful to their system, remained in a wise and masterly inactivity”

James Mackintosh

The more pity, that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly.

William Shakespeare