Wish Related Quotes

“I wish it never happened. Not so much for myself - I can handle it on my own - but it involves my family. They're trying to adapt to a new city. Now that I have a daughter, it's way different. That's the sad thing about the whole thing. You leave friends and people you're really close to behind.”

Carlos Arroyo

“It's been great for all of us, and I wish each one of them great success in their careers. Especially the ones that are playing on my team.”

Damian Williams

My God, I wish we had [the] 9th Australian Division with us this morning.

Freddie De Guingand

I wish I had died before I ever loved anyone but her.

Ernest Hemingway

Its a very good book and i wish i read it first than anyone else!!!!

Wendy Mass

I wish Adam had died with all his ribs in his body.

Dion Boucicault

I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future.

Steve Wozniak

I wish I had the nerve not to tip.

Paul Lynde

“We only wish we could have stopped this [sooner] to reduce the number of victims.”

Charles Moose