Wished Related Quotes

I wished critics would judge me as an author, not as a woman.

Charlotte Bronte

“Some manufacturers illustrate their advertisements with abstract paintings. I would only do this if I wished to conceal from the reader what I was advertising.”

David Ogilvy

At least her last words to him had been words of love. But she wished she'd told him just how much she loved him. How much she had to thank him for, how many good things he had done. She hadn't told him nearly enough.

Kristin Cashore

I can't say I based [Carla] on anybody I knew. She was so foulmouthed and mean, just said what was on her mind. So I guess Carla is somebody I always wished I could be at the right moment, the one who always has the perfect comeback.

Shelley Long

I wished she'd never stop squeezing me. I wished I could spend the rest of my life as a child, being slightly crushed by someone who loved me.

Gail Carson Levine

Don't we all have moments we'd rather forget, and thoughts we wished never came to us? We say things too awful to remember.

Randy Susan Meyers

I felt the tributaries of his veins, wished to enter into his bloodstream, travel there, dissolved and bodiless, to take refuge in the thick walled chambers of his heart.

Diana Gabaldon

She wished she had known back then. Known that happiness isn't a point in time you leave behind. It's what's ahead of you. Every single day.

Sarah Addison Allen

They roared into the Lincoln Tunnel. A wild, inexplicable excitement mounted in Therese as she stared through the windshield. She wished the tunnel might cave in and kill them both, that their bodies might be dragged out together. She felt Carol glancing at her from time to time.

Patricia Highsmith

I never knew a man who wished to be himself a slave. Consider if you know any good thing, that no man desires for himself.

Abraham Lincoln