Wonderful Related Quotes

“This will be a wonderful addition to the museum's bottom line, but there will still be a ways to go.”

Dan Finley

“Or, do you think that the Fellows of the Cave and the Inscription were of Our wonderful signs? / When the youths sought refuge in the cave, they said: Our Lord! grant us mercy from Thee, and provide for us a right course in our affair.”


My professional life has been a constant record of disillusion, and many things that seem wonderful to most men are the every-day commonplaces of my business.

Harry Houdini

“[Fulbright was] always a wonderful, warm, intelligent human being. I enjoyed his intensity. ... You really had to be on your toes.”

Gretta Bader

“The local community has been really wonderful. They really embraced us and we're an extended family.”

Cheryl Wilson

“Joan is part of a wonderful team of nurses at the school. We have 3,000 students here, and three nurses who have to deal with about 100 youngsters a day. I don't know what we'd do without them in today's world.”

Catherine Richard

“For this league, the event has been wonderful. It's been something that's accomplished the mission of our league to a T.”

Dave Elgin

“My wife is a former homicide detective, LAPD. The wonderful thing that I was able to capture is my wife's experiences from human and professional and how do you deal with some of the atrocities that happen in LA and not bring them home. How do you cut off the human side and just maintain being professional?”

Ving Rhames

I love the Swedish people for their detective novels, their archipelago, their sense of humor, their carbonated vodka, and most especially, for their wonderful hospitality.

Michael Levitt

“Everybody knows that this wonderful house of cards is going to collapse at some point and everybody is nervous that this kind of situation, as we are seeing in Asia could be the precipitating event.”

Wilbur Ross