Wore Related Quotes

“I think our numbers wore them down. We subbed liberally and kept fresh feet out there. I think that helped.”

Kevin Albury

I didnâ??t think any biography could do justice to one of the few honest-to-goodness geniuses of our time, a walking paradox who wore a cloak of complexity and elusiveness, but Lisa Rogak has done an exemplary job of it.

Otto Penzler

I think I do my own thing. I start my own trends. I see a lot of girls doing what I've been doing. Pink. Nobody wore pink, and now everybody wears it. It's flattering.

Paula Creamer

When I was into The Beatles, I cut my hair into a Beatle haircut, which looked so ridiculously stupid with my little cat-eye glasses that I wore.

Cassandra Peterson

They wore their strange beauty like war paint.

Holly Black

It is an impressive place that smells like the 1950s, when everyone wore starch white shirts and black slacks and perfect crewcuts and worked on massive industrial projects

Elf Sternberg

I wore bulletproof vests, and my bodyguards had the option of having bulletproof vests - I bought five sets.

Ernst Zundel

A walk through the storage facility of the community museum where I worked might easily have convinced you that people in the past wore only wedding dresses, carried silver candlesticks, and played with porcelain dolls.

Susanna Kearsley

“As the week wore on, you got close to the girls, and as we left to part our ways, tears just flowed from their eyes. I'm hoping that one day I may read the name of one of the girls or players that was with us in the newspaper maybe winning an NCAA title.”

Chuck Myers

Hey, our Founding Fathers wore long hair and powdered wigs - I don't see anybody trying to look like them today, either... But we do look to them as role models.

Leigh Steinberg