Work Ethic Related Quotes

Let's put it this way: I don't have a good work ethic. I have a real casual relationship with hours. I don't understand why, in entertainment, the hours are as long as they are. It seems like everything takes forever, and no one can tell you why, exactly.

Janeane Garofalo

I had a cookie business there, with my brother, when we were growing up, called the Chip Yard, and that became the inspiration for the banana stand. My father said that he wanted us to develop a work ethic, so we'd sit there selling cookies, all day.

Mitchell Hurwitz

“Success is dependent upon the glands - sweat glands.”

Zig Ziglar

So anyway, I've learned a lot about myself just in terms of acting but just work ethic and interesting things like full-page monologues or talking straight into camera, which I had never gotten to do before.

Emma Stone

The minute you get away from fundamentals "? whether its proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation "? the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you're doing.

Michael Jordan

Lysenkoism: A forlorn attempt not merely to colonize the botanical kingdom, but to instill a proper sense of the puritan work ethic and the merits of self-improvement.

J. G. Ballard

I have a work ethic. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it.

Viggo Mortensen

I'm very proud of being Jewish. It means I have a good work ethic, and you get Jewish humour and you're allowed to tell Jewish jokes.

Daniel Radcliffe

NFL cheerleading is harder than most people think. They train up to six hours every day with games on Sundays. They gave me a great work ethic.

Sarah Shahi

Don't wait for the muse. She has a lousy work ethic. Writers just write.

Barbara Kingsolver