Worked Related Quotes

“All of her routines start at a 10.0. We worked long and hard during the summer to develop that.”

Diane Roberts

I am proud that we worked so hard to improve seniors' lives.

Mike Rogers

“You know what, we worked within our family and said let's do it for each other. Let's not depend on anybody else. We're the ones together practicing every day. Those guys sucked it up and played as one team.”

Carlton Brown

“I started to express my dissatisfaction. They knew I worked as a paramedic. They told me to shut up, that I wasn't a paramedic in the back of their ambulance. Then, one of them, a man said, 'I'll fix you, this will shut you up.' That's when he slammed the oxygen mask onto my face. It was a tremendous pain.”

Robert Perry

“[She usually worked the front of the restaurant, which serves traditional Puerto Rican dishes - rice with chicken, rice with beans, soups, fried codfish cakes -] the food people grew up on or only get when they go to a restaurant, ... The things you remember eating as a child but you wouldn't make at home.”

Luis Rodriguez

“He's a faithful guy, ... He's worked really hard this year to show this team that he's worthy, and now to get the opportunity to do this for the first time ... I'm just so very excited for him.”

Reggie Sanders

You embraced what was already on the page, worked with it, massaged it.

Jane Espenson

“She's definitely worked hard to improve and she's getting more and more minutes due to the injuries we've had this year. We're very happy with her.”

Roger Hatler

“It's a natural fit and one that we are delighted has worked out in a way that suits the schedules of both schools.”

Damon Evans

Very often we developed a better grasp of the subjects than the over worked teachers.

Albert Bandura