Workers Related Quotes

“The slower increase of wages for migrant workers, to a large extent, hinders rural families' income growth.”

Ma Xiaohe

“They need to ... figure out why workers don't think they're necessary.”

Randel Johnson

“We will not tolerate this budget being balanced on the backs of hardworking public workers. This governor repeatedly made a commitment of no layoffs, a commitment to cut waste in spending, to cut political appointees and to only cut the state work force through attrition. We're going to hold him to those commitments.”

Carla Katz

“I believe local government workers have been singled out for second class treatment because they are mostly women.”

Dave Prentis

“The movement to notebooks for people who are largely not mobile workers and were doing it because of lower heat and smaller space requirements, that part of the trend flattened out a bit as we got to very small form factor desktops and LCD monitors becoming more affordable.”

Peter Sutherland

“Wind gusts collapsed a portion of the wall, which collapsed inward and broke the scaffolding on which the two workers were working.”

Sgt. Dana Wolfe

“This is a more militant union that most public sector unions. These workers face on a daily basis far more difficult working conditions than the standard government employee. The workers as a group feel management is too heavy-handed. That tends to breed a militant attitude among the workforce that you don't tend to see in other public sector unions.”

Richard Hurd

“example of selfless devotion to charity. I hope she can be a good example to all charity workers and philanthropists.”

Mahathir Mohamad

“The jobs of 2,500 skilled maintenance workers would be lost if Qantas takes this step. The work that Qantas is threatening to outsource is the most intensive and most important maintenance work.”

Doug Cameron

“We have been told that all but five Sudanese national NGO (non-governmental organization) workers have been released.”

George Somerwill