Works Related Quotes

“I would want students to be exposed to the idea that these are works of art just like a painting or a sculpture is a work of art.”

Chris Wilson

“She just has a special inner drive. She works to continually improve her game, and it's not for anyone else or because anyone else told her to. She wants to get better.”

Pokey Chatman

“I don't think there is any current data to illustrate what works better than another thing - because we haven't tried that many things yet.”

Kimberly Morland

“When the mind and body are in harmony, the mind works better. It gives everyone a sense of physical prowess.”

Caroline Prohosky

“I know how that thing works. Historically it's always gone to the guy with the highest gross average.”

Nick Harris

“He makes things happen, and he brings energy to the team every time he steps on the court. He works hard in practice, trying to be a starter, but I like him in that role. He creates a lot of turnovers on offense and is active around the basket.”

Darrel Schumacher

“InLine Alerts is essentially a web service that requires no software installation and works from virtually any web browser. Our alliance with Savant Media has resulted in a number of signed deals with prestigious top level clientele. The existing Desktop Alert Content Management System is playing a key role in how the level of sophistication provided to our clients involves no more then a few mouse clicks and keystrokes,”

Daniel Ryan

“We've got some stuff [that], if it works, it's a demonstration, ... and if not, it's an experiment.”

David Hill

“All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

“The surprising thing is that this effect actually works as well as in any current modulator, and better than in many.”

James Harris