Workstation Related Quotes

“With a 64-bit workstation, we're allowed to have more memory, and with that artists can get more images loaded. They're not waiting on rendering.”

Cliff Plumer

“We are extremely impressed with the functionality and stability of the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation. Running both the Solaris 10 OS and Linux on the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation has vastly improved our performance and analysis times, which enables us to do more in less time and has resulted in more robust designs with shorter design cycles. I can see how the features and benefits of the new Sun workstations will be invaluable to any company involved with MCAD or visualization.”

Wayne Johnson

“It was of electrical origin. It started at a computer workstation. It's a tragic situation, but it was ruled an accidental, electrical fire. The fire marshal was able to conclusively locate where in the class it was started.”

Ginger East