Worried Related Quotes

“I don't bat an eye at stuff like that. I've had my share of wins. If I worried about the games I should have won, it would probably drive me crazy. It was a fun game to pitch in.”

Roger Clemens

“Most of them are in my garage. I haven't worried too much about putting any signs up because of the weather.”

Dennis Lobenberg

“I was worried coming in because it was a team we know. I am not sure what happened on that last play because we were switching everything. It was a great day. Wow!”

Rick Barnes

“It's sore. But I'm not really worried. I just want to know what's wrong so I can start taking care of it.”

Champ Bailey

“I do get one or two calls every day from people who are worried about their own risk or from women patients concerned about passing on breast cancer to their daughters.”

Wendy Watson

“We have a lot of character, and we pride ourselves on our toughness. I'm not worried about our ability to bounce back.”

Chris Walker

“We consistently found students worried about the economy,”

David King

“I'm  not worried, ... Pay-per-view sign ups always come in the last few days.”

Paul Morgan

“I knew financially, I could do it. For me, it was, Am I ready? I worried about that even after I made the decision.”

Sherry Phelps

“We're neither happy nor worried about it. The replacement program is doing what it's supposed to and drawing an audience.”

James Macdonald