Wrapped Related Quotes

People give one another things that can't be gift wrapped.

Nadine Gordimer

“Usually with our 100-and-some-point runs, playing in the Central Division, you had it wrapped up.”

Darren Mccarty

“the end of shrink-wrapped software in a box and the start of the Internet-based services era. It marks a turning point in the industry.”

Carmi Levy

“We wrapped all these technologies into a common platform. We took all the open source pieces, version-managed them, tested them and integrated them. Then we wrote additional technologies, such as the deployment kernel and a management console, to complete the picture.”

Winston Damarillo

“A lot of people then were wrapped up in the idea of being rich and powerful, and the 'yuppie' movement arose. But some, like Robbie and Julia, didn't fit into that mold.”

Chad Beguelin

“I wish we could just skip that second quarter though. We get a little wrapped up in what we're doing sometimes.”

Jack Coit

“We have a complex case with complex legal questions that got wrapped into a ball and rolled in here, ... It's just not presented in a way that a court can rationally deal with at this time.”

Richard Kramer

“It happened really quick. I think she was going for the ball and got wrapped around me.”

Cyndi Valentin

“She had been beaten unconscious. She was covered in blood. She had this cord wrapped around her neck.”

Graham Thorpe

“They are keeping the source code, (which) means that their product becomes wrapped in it and encapsulated, and in a sense (this is) going against the ideals and benefits of what made Linux useful to them in the first place.”

Mark White