Wrestling Related Quotes

“I started out with wrestling, but after the (football) team won the Big Ten title a couple years ago, they became my team. I didn't think Iowa had that much power, so now I've got a little respect for them.”

Dexter Daniels

“This is a nice one. You should have seen us wrestling him in. It was like catching the big one.”

Michael Mavilia

“Wrestling teaches you how to stay low and use your hands,”

Mike Patterson

“I don't know if we expected to get trounced like that. But we had a lot of young guys wrestling against their seniors and juniors. We were hopeful we could wrestle a little better and not get pinned as much.”

Charlie Morgan

“I've been sick for awhile and I haven't been wrestling like I should. I needed to get my conditioning back up.”

David Clark

“I won't be as nervous (for the quarterfinals). When you're out there wrestling, you don't always know if you're making mistakes here or there.”

Grant Lowther

“He has a tremendous feel for mat wrestling. He's used to wrestling a pretty open style.”

Pat Santoro

“Sweat, guts, and determination are the wrestling currencies”

Minu-tshyeto K. Bidzimou

“Gary had a real good second day [of wrestling] and improved on last year's performance. He has accomplished a lot in just two years of wrestling.”

Craig Oren

“That's solid wrestling coming from a sophomore.”

Matt Rossi